Gil Blank, ‘Untitled (pier family)’, n.d., La Montagne Gallery

About Gil Blank

Gil Blank is a writer on the social, political, historical aspects of photography, as well as a practicing photographer. He does not work in one specific medium, but rather selects his medium based on his subject, often using techniques that have passed out of fashion, like photogravure. In 2004, he created one of his best known series, based on appropriated images from a webcam positioned over a harbor in Portland, Maine. In the series, Blank prints the image using an analog technique, digitally scans the image, then prints the scan, and so on. Blank explains: “One term I’ve often thought about in relation to the photographs as a single body is Wiederholungszwang, […] the compulsion to repeat.”

American, b. 1970, United States, based in New York, New York