Gil Elvgren, ‘Well Built Roof’, 1961, Ackerman's Fine Art

About Gil Elvgren

Considered one of the most important pin-up painters of the 20th century, Gil Elvgren created iconic images of the all-American feminine ideal. From the mid 1930s through 1972, Elvgren produced over 500 oil paintings for commercial use, including illustrations for Coca-Cola, calendars, major magazines, and advertising agencies. A protégé of Haddon Sundblom, Elvgren drew from the tradition of “pretty girl” illustrations, depicting women as sexualized and domesticated consumers of household goods and embodying the American dream of a comfortable family lifestyle. Elvgren’s work influenced many other pin-up artists, including Mel Ramos and John Kacere.

American, 1914-1980, St. Paul, Minnesota