Gilbert Garcin, ‘436 - Il faut penser aux consequences (We must think about the consequences)’, 2012, Lisa Sette Gallery

About Gilbert Garcin

In the black-and-white photographs of Gilbert Garcin, a solitary figure navigates spare-yet-fantastical landscapes populated with towering sea-urchin shells, puppet strings, and oversized flowers. To create his images, Garcin crafts a tiny model world in his studio, which he artificially illuminates “to make more real” and then photographs. Working quickly, he spends two or three days realizing his vision through cut-and-paste photomontages and readymade props, casting himself in the role of the everyman as the trench coat-wearing “Mr. G.” The Marseilles-based artist got his start in photography at age 65 following a workshop at the “Rencontres Internationales” expo in Arles, under the direction of Pascal Dolemieux.

French, b. 1929, La Ciotat, France, based in Marseille, France