Gina Beavers, ‘Sushi Platter’, 2012, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2013

Beaver’s latest still-life paintings are about food, using images culled from social media as source material, layering her depictions with thick acrylic that takes on a sculptural quality. “The imagery borders on the grotesque and pushes the limits of painting’s plasticity, highlighting contemporary culture’s burgeoning food fetish,” she says.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Clifton Benevento

About Gina Beavers

To create her three-dimensional canvases, artist Gina Beavers often works closely from photographs or Google image searches, reproducing even the smallest of details. Her reverence for the original image extends photorealism to its extreme in her reliefs of acrylic paint, pumice, and glass beads. Her work walks the line between high and low, and art and craft, while, as critic Roberta Smith once wrote, Beavers “exaggerates and satirizes the act of painting.” Favorite subjects include food, which she renders with the deflated realism of a Claes Oldenburg sculpture, and the human form, as seen in images of a body-painted Demi Moore or exaggerated six-pack torsos.

b. 1974, Athens, Greece, based in Brooklyn, New York