Gina Pane, ‘Lecture d'un examen medical de Mme R.S. [Reading of Mrs R.S.’s medical test]’, 1972, Richard Saltoun

1) Test n°34.595 on January 15th, 1972
Mrs R.S. / Dr F.P.
Vaginal and cervical smear screening.
2) Vaginal smears consist of superficial and intermediary cells, partly atrophic.
3) The floestrogenic index is very low (approximately 5%)
4) One can see images of cytolysis, an abundant microbial ora and 5) inflammatory cells.
The cervical smear shows a similar aspect,
6) with a more pronounced inflammatory reaction. The endocervical smear is
7) very inflammatory and haemorrhagic.
It often contains necrotic endocervical cells.
8) No endoplasmic cell has been observed.
Conclusions: Very inflammatory smears
9) without any suspicious feature of malignancy, Class II of Papanicolaou.
Reading of Mrs R.S.’s medical test.
Gina Pane, January 1972

Signature: Signed, dated, numbered, and dedicated to Pierre Restany

Image rights: Copyright the artist. Courtesy Richard Saltoun Gallery

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