Gina Vasquez, ‘Rebirth’, 2014, Watermill Center Summer Benefit Auction 2014

Estimate: $1,500.
Gina Vasquez creates photographs that span a variety of subjects but are united by a whimsical quality. Her work employs warmly lit seaside environments and featuring a filmic glow. This piece depicts an obscured subject mid-jump, suspended in the sea-breeze, her dress appearing to defy gravity.

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Image rights: Courtesy of the artist

About Gina Vasquez

An up-and-coming young conceptual photographer based in New York City, Gina Vasquez creates work that spans a variety of subjects but is united by its whimsical quality. Her photographs are hugely popular on social networking venues, employing warmly lit environments (often seasides), and featuring a filmic glow that renders them both cinematic and timeless. Featuring dramatic settings and fantastical scenes, such as crashing ocean waves, a darkly lit forest, a female figure sleeping on a pillow in the sea, or a still, moonlit pond, her photos suggest surreal, dreamlike narratives.

American, b. 1994, based in New York, New York