Giorgia Zanellato, ‘A container of reflections: Reflections of reflections’, 2016, Roehrs & Boetsch

Part of Table of Contents - A Collection in Glass - by Fabrica for Roehrs & Boetsch

Description: Reality changes. Different containers reflect different realities. If a mirror reflects reality, what about two mirrors? And what about three? This glass sculpture plays with distorted realities that are modified and created through unusual reflections, one enclosed inside the other.

Manufacturer: Massimo Lunardon / Fabrica, Italy

Design Miami/ Basel 2016: The Zürich gallery Roehrs & Boetsch and Fabrica, the communication research center of Benetton located in Italy, have teamed up to create Table of Contents, a new glass collection that will make its debut as Curio at Design Miami/ Basel.

Fabrica, Italy, 2016

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