Giorgio Ghisi, ‘ALLEGORY OF THE HUNT’, 1556, Stanza Del Borgo

Bartsch 43; Lewis 21, II/IV.
A fine impression of the second state of four, printed on paper with watermark pilgrim in a circle under a six-pointed star, with even margins. A few traces of folds on the verso, unobtrusive on the recto, otherwise in excellent condition. The two Latin distichs below translate as: Foolishly I had believed that I could live for long in the woods free from the prison of love. But that god who is able to confuse the mind of men wants me to love her, though I do not wish to, and carry her on my shoulders (Lewis-Lewis and Boorsch, p. 91).

Ghisi engraved four prints after designs by Luca Penni (ca. 1500-1556).
This composition has been variously described in the literature as: Orion and Diana; Adonis carrying Venus and Endymion and Diana.
The title adopted by Suzanne Boorsch and the Lewises is the Allegory of the Hunt.
For another fine impression of the second state at the British Museum see: number V, 8.121.

Signature: Signed on the plate lower left.

Suzanne Boorsch - Michal and R. E. Lewis, The Engravings of Giorgio Ghisi, New York, 1985.

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