Giorgio Griffa, ‘Obliquo’, 1969, Wallector
Giorgio Griffa, ‘Obliquo’, 1969, Wallector

Original acrylic on canvas realized by Giorgio Griffa in 1969. Hand signed and dated overleaf in pencil (Giorgio Griffa 69). Perfect condition.

"Obliquo" is an abstract minimal composition with thin parallel violet lines on the top. It can be considered one of the first typical Griffa's artwork and the use of acrylic on the surface of the canvas will become the original language of the artist.

Giorgio Griffa (Turin, 1936) is one of the greatest innovators in Italian art in the second half of the 20th Century and his works are exhibited all around the world. Griffa was briefly linked to arte povera, minimalism and analytic art, and to the transavantgarde in the 1980s but his style has always been highly distinctive. Far removed from avant-garde philosophies that distance themselves from the past, rejecting the formalism of transavantgarde and the reduction imposed on the painting by analytic art and minimalism, Griffa’s work stems from a continuing analysis and study of signs.

Signature: Hand signed and dated overleaf in pencil (Giorgio Griffa 69).

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