Giorgio Vigna, ‘Sasso’, 2016, ammann//gallery

ammann // gallery in cooperation with elisabetta cipriani gallery, london

About Giorgio Vigna

Artist and designer Giorgio Vigna seamlessly melds form and function in all of his work, which ranges from sculptures and installations to decorative objects, home furnishings, and jewelry. His multidisciplinary practice is shaped by his varied career, which began with stage design and directing, and encompasses book publishing, art making, and luxury product design and creation. Vigna uses natural materials, including glass and precious and semi-precious metals, whose raw and malleable beauty he celebrates in his spare, elemental forms. The body and its gestures are central to his work—each curve, opening, and plane reflects the shaping hand and suggests the shape of the body itself. Vigna is particularly celebrated for his glasswork. He incorporates glass into many of his sculptures and shapes it into exquisitely sleek, palm-sized birds and sensual, witty pieces of jewelry, including a curling snake.

Italian, b. 1955, Verona, Italy

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