Giovanni Cocco, ‘Sweety Wing’, 2009, ILEX Gallery

Burlesque is ancient theatre with roots in the Victorian era in England - a popular form of entertainment which made fun of the powerful. Strip-tease was only one element and not at all mandatory. It also integrates choreography, orchestra music, comedy and, in the contemporary version, fetish and punk elements. It is theatre in continuous evolution - and not just a tribute to the past.
Burladies, is my personal portrait of the life of women in the Burlesque world.
-Giovanni Cocco

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Burladies, Center of Modern Art M17, Kiev, Ukraine, 2013
Burlesque Now, Photographia, Milan, Italy, 2011
Burladies, Summer Jamboree #12, Senigallia, Italy, 2011
Burladies, Melotti Auditorium, MART – Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy, 2010
Burladies, ArteFoto, 2010
Burladies, 10b Photography Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2010

“Ilex Catalogueone” edited by Deanna Richardson, 2012

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About Giovanni Cocco

Italian, b. 1973, Sulmona, Italy, based in Rome, Italy