Giuseppe Spagnulo, ‘Ferro spezzato’, 2009, Walter Storms Galerie

About Giuseppe Spagnulo

A formally trained ceramicist, Giuseppe Spagnulo creates large-scale abstract sculpture that explores industrial processes, the relationship between form and material, and “the quantity of space that a form manages to set into movement,” as he once said. His sculptures reflect the experience of the foundry, the steel mill, and blast furnaces, literally bearing traces of the danger and vigorous labor that went into their production. Spagnulo has termed his practice an exploration of the “complex body”, a way of fragmenting the figure and emphasizing its materiality and temporal existence by way of the sustained interaction between various parts.

Italian, 1936-2016, Grottaglie, Italy, based in Milan, Italy

Group Shows

Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Ex Aurum, 
Pescara, Italy,
Cromofobie - Percorsi del Bianco e del Nero nell'Arte Italiana Contemporanea