Gleb Kosorukov, ‘BEL AIR’, 2009-2010, Rizzordi Art Foundation

Gleb Kosorukov was born in a closed city – a secret scientific centre for strategic nuclear research in Urals, Russia. After finishing National Research Nuclear Physics University in Moscow, he worked as a photographic journalist, covering Russia’s transition period for The New York Times and The Guardian. In 2000 he moved to Paris where he worked shooting fashion editorials for ID magazine and Russian Vogue, among others. Since 2001 he has also been working on multimedia art and documentary projects, which currently occupy all of his time.

Series: The project BEL AIR was created in Paris in park Buttes- Chaumont, in 2009-2010. This hilly and, probably, the most picturesque and romantic park in Europe was founded by order of Emperor Napoleon III, after the territory of t5he park was joined to Paris in 1860. Earlier there was a mine, where gypsum and cam stone for housebuilding in Paris were produced (these materials were peculiar “calcium” for the rapidly growing “body” of the town). Besides, the territory of the park is a place of Montfaucon battle – the fight, in which in 885 the Parisians leaded by Count Ed prevented the Normanns from intrusion. It was also here, where on March 29-30 1814 before the capitulation of France the National Guard and Naval Artillery fighted against Prussian invaders. The project BEL ART is destinied to show the particular mystic aura of this place.