Glen Rubsamen, ‘Moulage’, 2017, Christopher Grimes Gallery

About Glen Rubsamen

Glen Rubsamen’s paintings are heavily influenced by his life in Los Angeles. Working primarily in acrylics, Rubsamen’s paintings begin as photographs of the urban Los Angeles landscape that he takes and reassembles to create a scene. Flattened palm trees, billboards, power lines, and roadside attractions are often painted in black against luminous skies, in ambient warm colors of the sunset as well as acidic greens and yellows and dreamy blues. Rather than ignoring the banality and artificiality of these quotidian objects and settings, Rubsamen thoughtfully integrates them into his paintings, portraying a landscape shaped by human hand and transformed by civilization.

— Submitted by Christopher Grimes Gallery

American, b. 1959, Los Angeles, CA, United States, based in Los Angeles, CA and Dusseldorf, Germany