Godwin Archie Abia, ‘Women Empowerment’, 2015, Amref Health Africa: Benefit Auction 2017

Artist Biography
Godwin Archie-Abia was born in 1965 in Eket, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. Archie-Abia is a full time studio artist of nearly two decades of practice, with many solo art exhibitions and nearly ten group art exhibitions. His work is in the collection of Tin Can Island Port (NPA), FSB (Int. Bank), Allen Avenue, Chartered Bank, Allen Avenue, Lagos Port Complex, Cadbury Industry, Dangote Group, Covenant University Guest House and he has exhibited atAntick Gallery (1995), Archbishop Vinning Memorial, 1996, Didi Museum Art Centre, 1996 and Nimbus Art Centre, Ikoyi, Lagos. He owns Win Arch Gallery in Ikeja.
— *Courtesy of Godwin Archie-Abia

Signature: Signed on recto

Image rights: Courtesy of Godwin Archie Abia

Antick Gallery, Archbishop Vinning Memorial,Didi Museum Art Centre, SW Ikoyi, Lagos and Nimbus Art Centre, SW Ikoyi, Lagos.

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Godwin Archie Abia