Gohar Dashti, ‘Home 4’, 2017, Robert Klein Gallery

About Gohar Dashti

In lush, dark photographs and videos, Gohar Dashti takes her native Iran as subject matter, exploring the natural and manmade disasters of its past, and how they impact its citizens and feed into its contemporary societal structures. Working in series, she has addressed such topics as the convergence of collective history and individual identity; the wars, revolutions, and once-active volcanoes that have ravaged and shaped the social, political, and environmental topography of Iran; and the place of girls and women in society, caught between modernization and traditional Islamic strictures. Among Dashti’s more searing body of works is “Slow Decay” (2010), a series of mid-scale color photographs populated with somber-faced men, women, and children, each marked with or next to a crimson patch of blood, representing the suffering of generations, inscribed within every Iranian.

Iranian, b. 1980, Ahvaz, Iran, based in Tehran, Iran