Gonkar Gyatso, ‘13,472 Prayers’, 2015, Pearl Lam Galleries

About Gonkar Gyatso

Growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China as a Tibetan and now living in London, Gonkar Gyatso makes work that emerges from the complex matrix of cultures he has experienced. Much of his work focuses on traditional Tibetan or Buddhist imagery, yet Gyatso, who was a participant in the 2009 Venice Biennale and 2010 Sydney Biennial, interprets these works with nontraditional materials such as stickers. By depicting Buddha with collaged materials from consumer culture, Gyatso reflects on the shifting dynamics that inform both Buddhism and the specific Chinese and Tibetan cultural milieus in which he grew up. “In the most overt sense the image of the Buddha is meant as a reflection of everything in the world; the height of enlightenment must be a reflection of everything it sees and tries to understand,” the artist has said. “For me the form of the Buddha acts as a container.”

Tibetan, b. 1961, Lhasa, Tibet, based in New York, NY, United States and Beijing, China