Gonzalo Lebrija, ‘Vía Láctea 8’, 2017, Travesia Cuatro

About Gonzalo Lebrija

In his pristine sculptures, photographs, videos, and installations, Gonzalo Lebrija freezes time, seeking to capture fleeting moments and display them, like butterflies in a box, for our contemplation. With an approach to life and art combining humor, anxiety, and melancholy, he focuses on the passing of time, preserving, with irony and futility, the unquantifiable yet finite moments between life and death. Many of his works, like the photographic installation 750 Millones de años (750 Million Years) (2013), center upon a paused action, in this case, a tennis ball hurtling between two players. The ball’s path is broken apart into a constellation of individual images, in which it is seen as a blur or perfectly clear, against a black background. In this, as in all of his work, Lebrija attempts the impossible—as he stills time it continues to slip away.

Mexican, b. 1972, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Guadalajara, Mexico