Gordon Cheung, ‘Tulipmania 9’, 2012, Alan Cristea Gallery

About Gordon Cheung

Using the financial index of British newspapers as collage materials, together with spray paint, acrylic, and inkjet and woodblock printing, artist Gordon Cheung composes complex landscapes and still lifes that suggest a brave new world or a society in decline. The fluctuating stock listings serve as the backdrop for his psychedelic, apocalyptic videos and illustrations, which might depict a barren terrain bathed in the lurid glow of a fading sun, or multicolored flowers in a vase, blurring to reveal a virtual, pixelated realm beneath. Employing digital imagery in saturated hues, Cheung both appropriates and subverts contemporary technology and media. Many of his nightmarish compositions prophesy an economic and social armageddon, while his pyrographic etchings are influenced by such classical illustrators as Albrecht Dürer.

British-b. Chinese, born 1975