Gotthard Graubner, ‘Ohne Titel’, 1958, Ludorff

Signature: Signed and dated on the verso

About Gotthard Graubner

Gotthard Graubner’s wall-mounted painted cushions are pure explorations of color. “Color unfolds as a color organism,” he says. “I observe it taking on a life of its own; I respect its own set of laws.” The protruding works create a spatial color effect, a different and more literal viewer confrontation from the optical depth of traditional color abstractions like Color Field paintings. Graubner’s visual and tactile objects create a three-dimensional color field that can be entered and spiritually experienced. He describes his process as one focused on “movement: out, flowing, streaming, getting held up, being blocked, pushing through, flowing again, finding peace.”

German, 1930-2013, Erlbach, Germany, based in Düsseldorf, Germany

Exhibition Highlights On Artsy

Summer Group Show, Galerie Leu, Munich
Recent Acquisitions Spring 2017, Ludorff, Duesseldorf
Recent acquisitions Fall 2016, Ludorff, Duesseldorf
Summer Exhibition, Galerie Schwarzer, Düsseldorf
Luxembourg Art Week (Positions), Galerie Hervé Lancelin, Luxembourg