Gotthard Graubner, ‘untitled’, 1987, Galerie Leu

Signature: signed and dated

About Gotthard Graubner

Gotthard Graubner’s wall-mounted painted cushions are pure explorations of color. “Color unfolds as a color organism,” he says. “I observe it taking on a life of its own; I respect its own set of laws.” The protruding works create a spatial color effect, a different and more literal viewer confrontation from the optical depth of traditional color abstractions like Color Field paintings. Graubner’s visual and tactile objects create a three-dimensional color field that can be entered and spiritually experienced. He describes his process as one focused on “movement: out, flowing, streaming, getting held up, being blocked, pushing through, flowing again, finding peace.”

German, 1930-2013, Erlbach, Germany, based in Düsseldorf, Germany