Grace Weaver, ‘The Parlor Game’, 2014, Thierry Goldberg Gallery

About Grace Weaver

Brooklyn-based painter Grace Weaver portrays playful scenes of stimulus-saturated modern life in a graphic style. Her subjects—often depicted at leisure and in bright shades of orange, green, and purple—have included a girl checking her cellphone at the beach, another jogging in flipflops at the park, and a couple lounging in bed holding a laptop and a hand mirror. Presenting these vignettes in a distinctive aesthetic, Weaver flattens and elongates her figures, giving them an almost cartoon-like appearance. The young painter had two breakout shows in 2015 and 2016—“Teenage Dream” at Thierry Goldberg Gallery and “Skinny Latte” at Soy Capitán—which were aptly titled with references to popular culture.