Grantchester Pottery, ‘Relief’, 2013, Rokeby Gallery

Established in early 2011, The Grantchester Pottery is a decorative arts company set up by artists Phil Root & Giles Round. Drawing historical precedent from Roger Fry’s Omega Workshops as well as other collaborative artists groups, The Grantchester Pottery produce utilitarian ceramics in series together with other household items such as printed & woven textiles, wallpaper, furniture and murals to create full environments. Offering an interesting historical lineage to Leach's studiowares which were sealed with the St Ives stamp as opposed to individual potters. The artists working within the Grantchester Pottery give up authorship to create work that shift between artists and modes of production. All works are unattributed and are signed with the simple GP emblem.

The Grantchester Pottery aims to substitute, wherever possible the directly expressive quality of the artist’s handling for the deadness of mechanical reproduction.

About Grantchester Pottery