Unknown Greek, ‘A Large White-ground Lekythos, Attributed to the Triglyph Painter’, Attic-ca. 410 B.C., Cahn International

The painting of a scene at a tomb is done mainly in red on a white ground. At the centre of the scene is a funerary stele mounted on two high steps and crowned with an acanthus ornament. The deceased, a young man, is shown sitting on the top step, leaning on two spears. But for his shoes and the chlamys hanging down from his right shoulder, he is completely nude. Behind him is a woman wearing a necklace and bracelets who is walking away but has turned to look back at the deceased. Over her chiton she wears a himation, which she is tugging over her shoulder with her left hand. In front of the young man stands a bearded man in cloak and chiton, leaning on a gnarled staff. Perhaps the father of the deceased, he holds out his right hand to the young man. Mouth, neck, handle, bottom end of the body and upper face of the foot black-glazed; the moulded foot with reserved groove. Reassembled from a few fragments. The white paint on the reverse is peeling off in places, although the figure painting is largely unaffected by this.

Formerly Estate of Jean Mikas, Paris, 1950s. Thereafter priv. coll. Munich, acquired 2000.

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