Unknown Greek, ‘A Red-figure Column-krater, Attributed to the Nausicaa-Painter’, Attic-2nd half of 5th cent. B.C., Cahn International

Encircling the lower edge of the vase is a wreath of lancet leaves; the scenes on A and B are framed by a narrow base line, vertical rows of dots and lines and a horizontal band of tongues; the neck zones, framed by a horizontal line at top and bottom, are filled with dotted lancet leaves with intertwined bow-shaped stalks; the same ornament features on the mouth rim, the outside of which is decorated with horizontal rows of dots and lines with a palmette motif on top of each handle. A: A quadriga facing right; standing inside the chariot box is a young man clad in a long chiton, holding taut the reins of all four horses, one of which has raised its left foreleg. Behind the horses stands a bearded man wearing a cloak, his curly hair tucked into a wide head band; in his extended right hand he holds a Corinthian helmet with long crest and in his lowered left hand a shield, sword and lance. B: Woman in a cloak, depicted frontally but facing right, her hair pulled back in a knot; her left hand is extended, while her right rests on her hip. Flanking her on either side is a youth wearing a head band, of which the one on the right is shown leaning on a knobbed staff, his right hand extended and left resting on his hip. The young man on the left meanwhile stands at ease, holding a knobbed staff in his extended right hand. Glazing irregular and in some places reddish from misfiring.

Formerly priv. coll. South Germany, formed in the 1960's-1980's. Thereafter Gallery Puhze, Freiburg i. Br., Kunst der Antike 8 (Freiburg 1989) no. 221 with ill.

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