Unknown Greek, ‘An Early Corinthian Helmet (1st Phase)’, 1st half of 7th century, Cahn International

Slim helmet made in one piece with a high crown, vertical sides and a slender nose guard ending in a straight edge. The almost straight rim on either side transitions into a short, slightly everted neck guard at the back. The tiny rivet holes along the edge were for fastening a lining and a decorative attachment made of sheet metal or an organic material. One large drill hole each above the forehead and at the nape of the neck, and two more at the highest point of the crown for attaching a crest; to the side of these a dent probably caused by a blow to the head that did not pierce the helmet. Made of beaten bronze sheet. Green patina, brownish-green to grainy cobalt-blue (azurite) patina in places. Gaps and tears in the rim; nose guard reattached. Superb example of an early developmental stage of the Corinthian helmet type.

H. Pflug, Schutz und Zier. Helme aus dem Antikenmuseum Berlin und Waffen anderer Sammlungen (Basle 1989) 89, no. 80 with illus.

Formerly MuM AG, Basle, Meisterwerke der Antike, Auction Sale 51, 1957, lot 213. Thereafter priv. coll. Basle.

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