Greely Myatt, ‘Small Talk ’, 2014, David Lusk Gallery

Image rights: courtesy of David Lusk Gallery

About Greely Myatt

Built from everyday household items, Greely Myatt’s sculptures hint at formal motifs by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Artschwager, and Jasper Johns. Working with comic-strip-style thought bubbles, Myatt reinterprets modes of communication in a manner that often references his Southern upbringing. He expresses an occasionally provocative narrative through the materiality of his structures, and he ultimately aims to elicit empathy within the viewer to forge a sense of community around a shared experience. Voids and negative space feature prominently in Myatt’s work. The Blind Leading the Blind, for example, is what the artist calls “air art,” here comprising two fans facing each other such that the air—not the space—between them becomes a part of the work. As such, Myatt uses air to represent the airing, or communication, of ideas.

American , b. 1952, Mississippi

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