Gregory Halpern, ‘Untitled’, 2010, ClampArt

In A, the artist leads the viewer on a rambling tour through the beautiful and ruined streets of the American Rust Belt. The cast of characters, both human and animal, is portrayed with compassion and respect by this native son of Buffalo, New York. The cities to which Halpern is drawn–Baltimore, Cincinnati, Omaha, Detroit–share similar histories with his hometown, and in his post-apocalyptic springtime, all forms of life emerge and run riot. The photographs represent the artist’s ongoing investigation of locations and people that fly under the radar. The series is a metaphoric journey through the American landscape and a sober examination of the nation’s hopes and failures.

Critic, Adam Bell, writes: “Working in the tradition of Walker Evans, Paul Graham and Jacob Holdt, Halpern’s work is raw, political and compassionate. In many ways, the work represents the best of what Walker Evans called ‘lyric documentary.’”

Series: A

Signature: Signed, titled, and numbered, verso

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