Gregory Hayes, ‘Amalgamation: 2nd Circle’, 2014, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY

About Gregory Hayes

Gregory Hayes’s experimentations with painting explore the expressive potential of color and material. In his “Color Array” series, Hayes meticulously etches fine grids onto his canvases and applies small globules of colorful acrylic paint in each cell. The obsessive quality of this pointillist method is balanced by his inability to fully control his medium. Each drop of paint assumes its own character, many of them failing to conform to the borders of the grid; in some works, the drips are three-dimensional and multi-colored, forming their own miniature paintings. Hayes juxtaposes hues to create patterns, textures, and rhythms that coalesce into unified and holistic compositions. “To me, painting—one of the most conventional of disciplines—is ultimately one of the most experimental, exhilarating, and enduring of all media,” he has said. “My objective is to heighten the viewer’s sensitivity to subtle variations and to reveal that pictorial complexity can be achieved through a restricted vocabulary.”

American, b. 1980, Buffalo, New York, based in Brooklyn, New York

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