Gregory Johnston, ‘Es gibt keine Fakten, nur Interpretationen/ Jagermeister’, 1977-2016, Mark Borghi Fine Art

About Gregory Johnston

Gregory Johnston likens his compositions of squares, circles, and straight lines to musical scores, novels, and, most significantly, racecars and their drivers. Johnston began his career as a gestural abstract painter working mostly with oil, but has become better known for his hard-edged geometry. His first major works were based on mid-century European racing cars; the paintings were made on raw aluminum, and rendered in vintage automotive colors with the aid of body shops. More recently, Johnston has returned to the history and legacy of painting as themes. Johnston describes himself as “working where the ghosts of Cy Twombly and Le Corbusier give fire to my imagination.” He also acknowledges Blinky Palermo as another source of inspiration.

American, b. 1969, Los Angeles, California, based in East Hampton, New York

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