Gregory Michael Hernandez, ‘In From the Wilderness (Labyrinth in Perspective)’, 2013, Roberts & Tilton

Raised in the Mojave Desert, Hernandez uses photography as a tool for mapping the landscape. In many of his works, he photographs 26 precise directions surrounding a single point, which he then forms into a three-dimensional rendering that viewers can look into.

About Gregory Michael Hernandez

Conceptual artist Gregory Michael Hernandez produces site-specific installations and object-based works that reconfigure environments, bend perceptions, and provide bridges between separate locations. Growing up in the Mojave Desert, Hernandez developed a fascination with landscape, the tension between rural and urban locales, and abandoned homes. For Rebuilt Homestead (2010), Hernandez disrupted the “white cube” space of a gallery by constructing a wooden, many-sided sphere, and photographically reconstructing an abandoned homestead in the California desert within the structure. Using mathematical formulas to determine his placement of the photographs, he created the perfect illusion of perspective. Hernandez is also known for his signature series “Captive Universe”, comprising a collage of 26 photographs that produce panoramic, three-dimensional photo-globes.

American , b. 1976, West Covina, California, based in Los Angeles, California

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