Grethe Sørensen, ‘City Light 8’, 2011, Galerie Maria Wettergren

About Grethe Sørensen

Grethe Sørensen revolutionized the art of tapestry by inventing a method to convert photographic pixels into threads. She also translates video recordings into woven textiles, both processes marrying traditional methods of craftsmanship to modern digital technology. Although she is regarded as a pioneer in the field of textile art for her integration of digital techniques, Sørensen is also extremely knowledgeable in traditional tapestry methods, which she studied in Switzerland and France in the late 1970s. Inspired by nature and the colors, light, and optical phenomena that surround her, Sorensen portrays this imagery through digital tools, like her handloom with digital thread control for small works or an industrial, mechanical jacquard loom for larger pieces. Often turning an unfocused camera lens to urban cities, Sørensen's tapestries transform the lights and abstracted elements of the city into contemporary, metropolitan dreamscapes.

Danish, b. 1947, Viborg, Denmark