G.T. Pellizzi, ‘Conduit 2’, 2014, Y Gallery

About G.T. Pellizzi

With a background in philosophy and architecture, G.T. Pellizzi has produced sculptures, installations, paintings, and even an alternative educational institute, all of which aim to engage audiences critically with political, financial, educational, and market systems. “It’s kind of like Socrates when he engages with the public,” he has said. “The work is important to bring attention to and make people talk about…things that are relevant in society and to our lives.” His career began with his co-founding of the Bruce High Quality Foundation in 2001, a collective whose projects examined these societal systems and structures. In 2011, Pellizzi decided to pursue his own work, extending the themes he has been exploring for the past decade through evocative pieces composed largely of basic building materials.

Mexican, b. 1978, Morelos, Mexico, based in New York, New York

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LA BIENAL 2013, El Museo del Barrio, New York