Guillaume Castel, ‘Pétale’, 2016, Galerie Ariane C-Y

Guillaume Castel welds together curved steel plates. The industrial material is converted into an elegant and organic shape. Raw steel contrasts with bright colors: the chromatic signature of the artist.
The sculptor imparts a subtle twist to the steel plates. The industrial material is turned into
a thin and delicate membrane. The Pétales series sums up the art of Guillaume Castel : an organic evocation of Nature.
For the monumental versions, the metal structure on which the sculpture is based can be hidden underground or by a wooden case. The sculpture fits in any environment outdoor (grass, sand, slates...).
The monumental versions of Pétale have all been created in 2016 for European cultural events. Guillaume Castel creates the first one for “Sogni d’Oro” at AlbumArte in Rome (Italy). An exhibition held from May until July 2016. He uses golden chrome for the first time. He reveals 3 more at “Jardins, Jardin” in June 2016 at the Louvre gardens, les Tuileries, in Paris.
The average versions were made prior to the monumental ones for “Architecture(s)”, then the small versions for “Facettes”. Average and small versions can be presented suspended in a cage or without one (on demand).
Smaller mural versions were made for the YIA Art Fair in Brussels, in April 2016.

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