Gustave Eugene Chauffourier, ‘Man Posed Next to Fountain of Papa Giulio III, Via Flaminia, Rome’, 1870s/1870s, Contemporary Works/Vintage Works

Untrimmed and unmounted albumen print showing edges of the negative.

Chauffourier's work is extremely modern in style, focusing on architectural detail rather than the broader sweeping views of the Italian photography of the day. His slightly off-kelter framing and cropping distinguish his work from his contemporaries and place him with more modern image makers.

Fontana di Papa Giulio (Fountain of Pope Julius III) (1552-54) designed by Bartolomeo Ammannati. It is located on via Flaminia in the Parioli District. The fountain and the decorated wall which stood opposite Palazzina di Pio IV have been replaced by a huge building owned by Cassa Nazionale del Notariato, the very rich provident fund of Italian notaries. The plate shows a lost inscription: Fed. Card. Borr. MDCLXXII, which indicates that the property belonged to Cardinal Federico Borromeo, cousin of S. Carlo Borromeo; the year 1672 however is inconsistent, because Federico Borromeo lived between 1564 and 1631.

The fountain was very damaged on its lower section, which had been replaced in the 20th-century.

Jacobson, Etude d'Apres Nature, for more information on Chauffourrier.

About Gustave Eugene Chauffourier

French, 1845-1919, Paris, France, based in Rome, Italy