Guy de Cointet, ‘Sans titre’, ca. 1965, Air de Paris

Image rights: © photo Marc Domage courtesy Air de Paris, Paris

About Guy de Cointet

Guy de Cointet, an enigmatic Los Angeles-based Conceptual artist, had a wide-ranging practice that included drawing, playwriting, and performance. Fascinated by language, de Cointet culled phrases, words, and sometimes single letters from media, literature, and pop culture, which he would work into abstract narratives that became the sources for his drawings and performances. In his play At Sunrise . . . A Cry Was Heard (1976), a large painting of chopped letters was displayed prominently on the stage; the lead actress kept referring to the painting and reading its nonsensical letters as if she were reading a script. Similarly, de Cointet's drawings suggest language, but are ultimately indecipherable. He is recognized for his influence on well-known conceptual artists such as Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelly.

French, 1934-1983, Paris, France, based in New York & Los Angeles

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