Haddon Sundblom, ‘Baby’, ca. 1930, Robert Funk Fine Art

Signature: Signed lower right:

Morris Weiss collection

About Haddon Sundblom

Considered one of the most important producers of popular advertising imagery of the 20th century, Haddon Sundblom is best known for creating the iconic image of Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus—endowed with portly frame and cheerful, grandfatherly demeanor—as well as the fictional consumer icons Aunt Jemima and the Quaker Oaks Quaker. These and other commercial images by Sundblom, of idealized pin-up girls (including a Playboy cover) and comfortable middle-class families enjoying the fruits of a consumer culture, are thought to have helped cultivate and define the American dream. Sundblom’s legacy lives on in his influence on other pin-up artists such as Gil Elvgren.

American, 1899-1976