Hadi Tabatabai, ‘Weave #11’, 2009, DANESE/COREY

About Hadi Tabatabai

Hadi Tabatabai is known for his delicate, meticulously executed pattern-based works in mixed media. Tabatabai, who holds degrees in industrial technology and painting, is known for exploring the form of the line as a physical space—now a 15-year-long exercise. “I view the ‘line’ as empty space without an agenda or allegiance,” he says. He makes drawings, paintings, and sculptures from materials like wood, thread, and acrylic paint, but Tabatabai states that his choice of material is ultimately arbitrary and constantly changing. His methods are based on repetition and layering of certain marks, with the main intention of filling a surface.

Iranian, b. 1964, Mashhad, Iran, based in California

Group Shows

Claesson Koivisto Rune in Marfa: The inde/jacobs gallery