About Haley Mellin

Working under the rubric of painting, Haley Mellin makes art that addresses the shifting contexts of painting in light of constant technological innovation. Her work stems from the idea that painting is a human technology on the same spectrum as computing. “It supports certain complex experiences that you can’t duplicate with other materials,” the New York–based artist has said. Her work emerges from recent technological innovations, such as 3-D printing, which she has used to create monochrome paintings that evoke the idea of canvas. In more recent works, she sources low-resolution digital files from Google and then prints the white noise they generate as the final image. What reads as an elaborate chromatic and textural experience in real life circulates back to the internet as an image of only static, a failed translation between the physical and the virtual.

American, b. 1983

Group Shows on Artsy

Palma, Palmiers, Palm., D I C K I N S O N, New York
Right On!, DUVE Berlin, Berlin