Haluk Akakçe, ‘The Architect’, 2015, Richard Taittinger Gallery

About Haluk Akakçe

Culling both from Henri Matisse’s paper cutouts and the genre of Russian Constructivism, Haluk Akakçe explores the ways in which technology influences perceptions of time and space. Universal human experience and the limitless potential of technology-enabled humans are central to his work. For example, his “Come Midnight” series of calligraphic drawings celebrates intangibility while challenging humankind’s dependence on rational thought. Whether the artist is looping video or crafting large-scale, immersive reliefs or drawings, his art posits a world in which the real and imagined collide. With a style that synthesizes organic and geometric forms, he creates scenes that redefine spaces and toy with scale. Butterflies feature prominently across his work; for the artist they serve as a measure of the human spirit and a manifestation of a greater spiritual power in the physical world.

Turkish , b. 1970, Ankara, Turkey, based in New York, NY, United States