Hamlett Dobbins, ‘Untitled (For M.R.M/J.N./D.G.G.)’, 2016, David Lusk Gallery

About Hamlett Dobbins

Hamlett Dobbins’s abstract canvases reference life’s emotionally charged, incommunicable moments through geometric shapes and deep jewel tones. “There are times when we are gripped with a whole-body pleasure, a spine thrill of delight when time seems to slow and we are hyper-present,” the artist has said. “I am trying to understand what it is about these extraordinary experiences of real life moments.” The Memphis-based artist traces his obsession with structure, texture, and play to his love of Lego as a child. Since 2002, interpersonal relationships have inspired Dobbins’s untitled paintings. He was awarded the Rome Prize in 2013, which brought him to the American Academy in Rome for a year’s study.

American, b. 1970, Knoxville, Tennessee