Hank O'Neal, ‘Al Hirschfeld’, 2002, Woodward Gallery

AL HIRSCHFELD, in his studio, New York City, January 23, 2002 When I took this picture of Al Hirshfeld, he was into his 98th year and though still driving his car all over Manhattan, had less than a year to live. He was looking forward to having a theater named for him on his 100th birthday, but he didn’t quite make it, missing the opening by a couple of months. It may have been one of the few opening nights he didn’t make in a career of covering Broadway shows and movies for over seven decades. His paintings, drawings and designs are the stuff of legend and will be far more important a legacy of theater in New York than the latest overblown technical tuneless musical based on a comic book. This picture was taken in his studio where there was lots of light and the best ambience imaginable.

Custom framed 21 x 23 inches; 73.7 x 58.4 cm

On Exhibition at Gourmet Garage, Lincoln Square, NYC