Hank O'Neal, ‘Gregory Hines’, 2001, Woodward Gallery

GREGORY HINES, at ICM, New York City, April 19, 2001
I didn’t know Gregory Hines, I just happened to photograph him for a friend who was making Over Time, a film about the noted jazz bassist, Milt Hinton. Milt was a guy who knew about time and Gregory was a guy who both danced to time and could talk about it. He was one of the most elegant dancers of his era, who’s style harkened back to the tappers like Groundhog and Chuck and Chuckles and Bill Robinson and Jimmy Slyde and the Nicholas Brothers, and, like Bill Robinson, he went on to become a movie star. He was also thoughtful and sensitive and gave a great interview. The thoughtful and sensitive side comes through in this picture.

Custom framed 29 x 23 inches; 73.7 x 58.4 cm

Exhibition on view at Gourmet Garage Lincoln Square, NYC