Hank O'Neal, ‘Jackie ’, 1979, Woodward Gallery

JACQUELINE ONASSIS, at Downtown Sound, New York City, December 1979 It is unclear if Jacqueline Onassis or Princess Diana were the most photographer women of our time, but I think I’d put my money on Mrs. Onassis, simply because she lived longer. I certainly took more pictures of her than I did of Princess Diana. I’ve told the story about this picture many times, but the short version is that at the time Jackie, and yes I did call her that, was the editor of the book I was doing about Berenice Abbott. She came to 173 Christopher Street to go over some boxes of pictures I’d brought from Maine. When we took a break she spotted an old Atget book on a table and asked if she could borrow it. I said, “Of course, if you’ll let me take a picture of you holding it.” She thought that was a fair trade, we went downstairs to the room where my Deardorff was set up under a skylight. I took three pictures, side view, front view and one with her assistant, Ray Roberts. This one is my favorite. She liked it as well.
Custom framed 29 x 23 inches; 73.7 x 58.4 cm