Hanksy, ‘Hands Up’, 2016, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017
Hanksy, ‘Hands Up’, 2016, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

Work ships from Los Angeles.

New York based Hanksy has well earned his reputation as the formidable master of parody, pun-themed art. Even his moniker—a mashup between infamous street artist Banksy and famous actor Tom Hanks—is an illustrative case in point. Although the majority of his work illustrates playful images that poke fun at celebrities and those of us who are obsessed with them, Hanksy’s intention took a pivot to include political commentary when Trump announced his intention to run for president. The image he created in protest, dubbed Tronald Dump, played off the rhyming nature of Trump’s surname and depicted the then candidate as a cartoonish pile of feces with flies encircling his head. Hanksy skillfully utilizes humor as an effective strategy of subversion, examining the relationship between culture, current affairs and complacency and present provocative questions to viewers that we are encouraged to look inward in order to answer.
—Courtesy of Lizy Dastin

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About Hanksy

American, b. 1901, Chicago, IL, USA, based in New York, NY, USA

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