Hanna PettyJohn, ‘RE i (Witherlands)’, 2016, Mind Set Art Center

About Hanna PettyJohn

On a personal mission to uncover her family history, Hanna PettyJohn’s paintings and stoneware objects explores themes of isolation, diaspora, identity, heritage, and inheritance. PettyJohn repeatedly destroys and reforms her ceramics in a cyclical art-making process, alluding to regeneration and a continuous progression not unlike a family lineage, in which the influence of individual genes and ethnicities are diluted with each new generation. Whether through a series of family portraits, or her “Unearthed” series of paintings of formerly buried objects being dug up, PettyJohn strives to explore her American and Filipino background to better understand herself, using artworks as vehicles for self-discovery.

Filipino, b. 1983

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