Hanne Darboven, ‘46. Variante ’, 1975, Galleria Fumagalli

Each paper sheet: 31,8x22,9 cm

About Hanne Darboven

German conceptual artist Hanne Darboven filtered her experience of life through time, an entity at once abstract and concrete, much like her own work. Driven by her belief that time is the essence of our existence, she structured her work around it, drawing upon an acute sense of tempo and repetition honed by her training as a pianist. Darboven created innumerable individually framed or bound pages filled with delicately handwritten numbers, mathematical calculations, calendar days, and philosophical passages, sometimes combined with shades of color, images, and objects. Often displayed as installations, wrapping around walls in methodically patterned, gridded formations that would resolve into individual words and numbers up-close, Darboven’s work served as both the visualization of data and a sweeping temporal record of historical events and her own artistic labor, carried out, like clockwork, over the course of her life.

German, 1941-2009, Munich, Germany, based in Hamburg, Germany