Hanneke Beaumont, ‘Drawing Study for no. 55’, 2000, Galerie de Bellefeuille

About Hanneke Beaumont

Neither modeled after particular individuals nor a generalized ideal, Dutch sculptor and draughtswoman Hanneke Beaumont’s androgynous and impersonal figures are vehicles for raising existential questions. Working in terracotta, bronze, and cast iron, she uses the surface of her sculptures as an additional medium of expression by leaving them rough and unrefined. Beaumont creates all of her sculptures first in clay, building them up hollow without any internal armature; all of her work emerges from her tactile relationship to clay. In an effort to universalize her figures as much as possible, she positions them in an indeterminate weightless equilibrium, somewhere between movement and resignation. Bearing strong similarities to the work of Alberto Giacometti, Beaumont’s sculptures aim at a certain psychological study man through the figure.

Dutch, b. 1947, Maastricht, Netherlands, based in Belgium

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