Hans Breder, ‘Untitled from the series "Body/Sculptures"’, 1969, Danziger Gallery

About Hans Breder

A pioneer of interdisciplinarity in visual art, Hans Breder has spent his career working across media—and encouraging others to—producing performance-based, conceptual works that combine painting, sculpture, photography, video, sound, technology, and science. Trained classically as a painter in Germany, he moved to New York, where he created Constructivist-inspired sculptures to critical acclaim. In 1968, he founded the Intermedia Program at the University of Iowa, which he directed until 2000, and which was premised upon the unique exploration of what he defines as the “liminal” spaces between the arts, humanities, and sciences. Among Breder’s many well-known projects, which have been included in multiple Whitney Biennials, are his early “Body/Sculptures” photographic series (1969-73), featuring nude women (among them Ana Mendieta) holding mirrored plates that fracture their bodies surrealistically.

German, 1935-2017, Herford, Germany