Hans Op de Beeck, ‘Parade’, 2012, Marianne Boesky Gallery
Hans Op de Beeck, ‘Parade’, 2012, Marianne Boesky Gallery
Hans Op de Beeck, ‘Parade’, 2012, Marianne Boesky Gallery

The red velvet curtain rises, a slow waltz especially composed for this film starts playing, while a seemingly endless cavalcade of people comes walking by, in slow motion, like a stream of passers-by on a street. This parade of these most diverse characters can be seen as a rather commonplace event, yet also as a fundamental, visual reflection on life and death. Music and image enter into a special dialogue in this subtle, poetic video, demonstrating that although the personal voyage may differ, the destination is the same for all.

About Hans Op de Beeck

How we stage our surroundings and how these surroundings become the scenery of both festive and tragic moments, recurring home rituals, and lonely daydreams are the subjects that interest Hans Op de Beeck. Utilizing diverse media—including installations, sculptures, video works, animated films, short stories, paintings and drawings, photography, new media, and stage design—Op de Beeck creates deserted scenes that can evoke both peacefulness and melancholia; they can be experienced as beautiful or uncomfortable, as banal or serious. A House by the Sea (2010), for example, was an eerily monochrome model house, presented in a gallery surrounded by drawings of of land- and seascapes.

Belgian, b. 1969, Turnhout, Belgium, based in Brussels, Belgium

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